Acai Berry
Acai Berry and Black Tea

Rooibos blended with Cornflowers, Blue Mallow Flowers, Vanilla and Orange. Gorgeous taste!

Black Tea with Almonds

Alpharetta Afternoon
A Classic blend of Indian and China Tea, lower in Caffeine and smooth tasting.

Black Tea with Apple pieces

Apple Mango
Black Tea with Apple and Mango pieces

Apple Pie
Rooibos blend with Apple and Cinnamon Pieces with Marigold. Great Fall dessert Tea.

Black with Apricot pieces ad Marigolds

Autumn Leaves
Rooibos blended with sweet Cinnamon Chips, Almonds, Orange Peel. Lovely evening sip.

Black Tea with Marigold and Banana

Bancha Green
Bancha’s flavor is truly unique, featuring a strong straw smell and though it is considered the lowest grade of Japanese green tea on the market, it is very popular as daily tea in Japan and has the same health properties as other Green Teas.

Beijing Black
Aromatic Chinese Black that is very strong in Caffeine.

Berry Bunch
Cranberries, Hibiscus, Blueberry, Cherries, Strawberries and Black Currants. Herbal tisanes have with natural healing qualities.

Black Gold
Long Tippy Leaf that steeps a smooth cup with a rich aroma and discerning taste.

Borgais Blend
A Unique and Special Blend of Darjeeling, Keemun, Assam and Nilgiri. A must for all true Tea Drinkers!

Broken Leaf Organic Darjeeling
Broken Leaf Darjeeling- First Flush

Black Tea and Butterscotch. Great Tea to add Milk or Cream to for a dessert flavor.

Chamomile Lavender
Chamomile Lavender. Calming Relaxing Sleepy time Night Tea.

Black Tea with Cherries and Safflowers.

Chamomile, Ginger Root and Honey.

China Flower
Special Blend of China Tea. Beautiful Fragrance with a hint of Orchid.

Black Tea with Chocolate Pieces. Chocoholic Dessert Tea, great with Milk too!

Christmas Blend
Papaya, Apricot, Peach, Apple, Mango, Cranberry, Cherry, Strawberry, Hibiscus, Orange Peel, Cinnamon chips, cloves and Rose Petals. Cornucopia of Holiday Aromas!

Black Tea with Cinnamon Chips

Creamy Jasmine
Blend of Black and Green Teas with Jasmine Flowers and Vanilla. Happy Tea!

Decaf Earl Grey
Decaf Estate Earl Grey Tea. Beautiful Earl Grey for night time.

Decaf English Breakfast
A blend of Strong Broken Tea Leaves. Great Breakfast Tea without the jitters.

Earl Grey
Exquisite Darjeeling Earl Grey. Classic

Emerald Tips Green Needle
Pointed Needle shape leaves Emerald Green Tea with a smooth finish

Empress Blend
Black Tea, lavender, Rose Petals with Mango and Peach. Delicious and perfume like.

English Breakfast
Ceylon and Nilgiri Blended for a Traditional English Breakfast Tea. High Caffeine.

Evening Delight
Rooibos blended with Marigold, Rose Petals, Peach and Lemon. Great for chilblain’.

Florida Sunshine
Rooibos, Orange Peel, Hibiscus, Rosehips, Apple Pieces, Safflowers and Rose Petals. This is a Florida vacation in a cup!

A Mixture of Green Tea, Popped Corn and Toasted Hulled Rice Kernels. Earthy and delish!

Black Tea and Ginger Root! A healthy pick-me-up ginger zing.

Ginger Peach
Black Tea, Ginger Root and Peach Pieces.

Green Dragon
High End Green Tea from China with Lemon Peels, Marigold Petals, Golden Chrysanthemums with Passion Fruit and Lemon.

Green Land
High End Blend of Indian and Chinese Green Teas.

Rolled Pellet shaped Leaf with a smooth, nutty flavor

Rich, almost full-bodied Green Tea, smooth taste with sweet ending and complex notes. Grown in the shade instead of the sun.

Hawaiian Punch
Pineapple, Apricot, Peach, Papaya, Cranberry, Hibiscus, Mango, Passion Fruit and Peach.

Rooibos, Marigold, Blue Mallow Flower, Cornflower Safflowers, Mango and Passion fruit.

Herbal Lift
Peppermint, Hibiscus and Rose Petals

High Noon
Full Body and full of fragrance Nilgiri and Assam Blended

Black Tea, Cornflowers, Marigolds, Safflowers, lavender and Citrus Fruits. Gorgeous!

Black Tea and Honey Pollen ( not local ).

High Caffeine, Malty and a strong morning caffeine fix!

Irish Breakfast
Fine Blend of Indian and Ceylon Broken Tea Leaves for a Traditional Irish Breakfast Flavor. High in Caffeine.

Iyerpadi Green
Clean Organic Green Tea from the Iyerpadi Region in India

Jasmine Pearls
Green Tea rolled with Jasmine Flowers. Very Fragrant!

Lapsang Souchong
Smoked Black Tea, Full body but mellow and strong. Great for Drinking and Poaching Fish & Poultry.

Black Tea with Licorice and a touch of Sambuca Flavor.

Masala Chai
Black Tea, Ginger Root, Cinnamon, Green Cardamon and Vanilla. Authentic Masala Chai.

Mate Brew
Roasted Mate, Rooibos, Broken Coffee Beans, Sunflowers, Blue Mallow Flowers, Marigold and Cornflower. Beautiful and Healthy Day time boost with aromatic Coffee smell.

Maté Chai
Roasted Argentinian Mate, Ginger Root, Cinnamon, Green Cardamon and Vanilla. Amazing! Great with Milk.

Merry Mango
Black Tea with Mango Pieces and Marigold Flowers.

Black Tea with Peppermint Leaves and Mint.

Monkey Picked Oolong
Beautiful aroma with a clean and refreshing finish. Legend has it that Buddhist Monks trained Monkeys to go to the tip tops and pick the youngest leaves.

Nana’s Garden
Rooibos, Safflowers, Rose Petals and Vanilla.

Organic Assam
Malty Flavored Organic Black Tea. Great for Morning Caffeine.

Organic Bancha Green
Organic Japanese green tea with a refreshing flavor, golden infusion and pleasant roasted aroma.

Organic Blueberry
Black Tea with Blueberry leaves. Loaded with Antioxidants and Caffeine.

Organic Genmaicha
A mixture of Organic of Bancha Green Tea, Popped Corn and Toasted Hulled Rice Kernels. From China

Organic Genmaicha Reserve
A mixture of Organic of Japanese Bancha Green Tea, Popped Corn and Toasted Hulled Rice Kernels.

Organic Matcha
Smooth, complex vegetal flavor with a full palette and a silky finish. Used for Japanese Tea Ceremonies and added to healthy shakes.

Organic Pu-Er
Pu-er has a lower antioxidant content than white or green tea, but Chinese people credit it with many health benefits, especially promotion of weight loss, reduction of serum cholesterol, and cardiovascular protection. Steeps a strong brew.

Organic Rooibos
A deep, rich, earthy-sweet organic delight! Rooibos, the South African herbal tea, is touted for its numerous health benefits including protection against the sun’s UV rays, promoting a healthy immune system, anti-allergen effects, and colic protection. 

Organic Royal Darjeeling
Newest Organic Estate Darjeeling

Organic Sencha
Japanese tea that has a deep green luster with a fresh cut, lively, grassy taste. Hand picked & deep steamed green tea.

Pai Mu Tan Dark
Pai Mu Tan with less White Buds. Steeps a darker color and is more Robust.

Pai Mu Tan Light
Pai Mu Tan has a delicate flowery taste to it, steeping a subtle light color. White Buds.

Black Tea, Marigolds and Peach Pieces.

Peach Apricot
Black Tea, Marigolds, Apricot and Peach Pieces. Loveliness in a cup.

Peaches & Cream
Black Tea, Peach Pieces and Vanilla Bean. Great with Cream or Milk.

Peppermint Leaves

Peppermint Patti
Peppermint Leaves with Chocolate Chips.

Black Tea, Pineapple Bits, Shredded Coconut and Vanilla. Yummy!!

Black Tea and Pineapple Pieces.

Pooh’s Blend
Black Tea, Honey Pollen ( not local ), Vanilla and Caramel. Great with Milk or Cream!

Rose Petals, Blueberries, Cherries, Rose Hips, Blue Mallow Blossoms, Strawberry leaves, Raspberry Leaves and Blackberry. Beautiful Special Tea.

Black Tea and Raspberry Leaves.

Raspberry Beret
Raspberry Leaves, Lavender Leaves, Lemon Peels and Hibiscus.

Raspberry Pie
Black Tea with Safflowers, Raspberry Leaves and Vanilla. Add Milk or Cream for a dessert taste!

Roasted Mate
Roasted Mate

Authentic South African Rooibos Red Bush

Rooibos Chocolate Chai
Rooibos, Ginger Root, Green Cardamon and Chocolate Chips. Chai for the chocolate lovers.

Rooibos Chocolate Cream
Rooibos blended with Chocolate Chips and Vanilla. Drink with Milk or Cream for a dessert Beverage.

Rooibos Christmas
Rooibos blended with Rose, Cinnamon, Apple, Almonds and Orange. Holiday Memories in a Cup!

Rooibos Earl Grey
Traditional Earl Grey flavor but blended with Rooibos.

Rooibos Masala Chai
Rooibos, Ginger Root, Cinnamon, Green Cardamon and Vanilla.

Rooibos Pinacolada
Rooibos blended with Shredded Coconut, Pineapple, and Vanilla.

Rooibos Serenity
Green Rooibos, Lemon Grass, Eucalyptus, Holy Basil and Lemon Myrtle. Healthy and Relaxing.

Rooibos Tooty Fruity
Rooibos blended with Cranberries, Vanilla, Safflowers, Rose Petals, Lemon Myrtle and Blackberry Leaves.

Russian Caravan Fruity
Blended China and Indian Tea with a Fruitiness flavor.

Russian Caravan Smokey
Blend of China and Indian Smoked Teas. High in Caffeine.

Scottish Breakfast
Traditional Scottish Breakfast Tea. Hearty and Rich. Great with Milk.

Black Tea with Strawberry Leaves.

Summer Breeze
Black Tea, Jasmine Flowers, Corn Flowers and Sweet Orange Peel.

Sweet Evening Grey
Rooibos Earl Grey with Rose Petals and Vanilla.

Ti-Kwan-Yin Oolong
Special Oolong has a rich fragrant smell that is picked using two centuries old techniques.

Urban Garden
An Amazing Fragrant Blend of Black and Green Tea, Lavender Flower, Rose Petals with Vanilla.

Urban Tea Breakfast Reserve
Urban Tea Special Reserve Morning Breakfast Blend of Tippy Assam and Yunnan Tea.

Urban Tea Special Reserve
Urban Tea Special Reserve and Blending of White Tip Formosa Oolong and Darjeeling.

Urban Tea Special Reserve Oolong
Urban Tea Special Reserve Fragrant and Fruity aromatic Oolong smooth, Floral and Green.

Black Tea and Vanilla Bean.

Vanilla Caramel
Rooibos, Caramel bits and Vanilla Bits. Candy in a cup…add Milk for a creamy finish.

Victorian Rose
Blackberry Leaves, Stevia Leaves, Rose buds and Vanilla. Amazing elegant fragrant Tea.

Yin – Zhen
This champagne-colored Chinese  Tea is made up of soft, plump young ‘needles’, or immature leaf buds, covered in tiny silvery hairs. High in antioxidants, this high-grade Silver Needle has a creamy, delicate taste with sweet notes.