As we might assume you’ve heard by now, all Teavana stores will be closing down within malls by spring of 2018. As fellow tea-lovers, we can relate to the distress and imposition this has within the tea-lover community.

Teavana is widely known for their loose-leaf teas, array of flavors, tea brewing essentials, and tea accessories. For those of you hooked on any particular Teavana flavor, we can only imagine you’re trying to stock-up and frequent Teavana shops while you can to make the most of their last couple months open. To fill your ominous void, we would like to know of any way we can help!

If you haven’t already, explore the 117 specialty flavors at Urban Tea if you are an Atlanta local. All of the Urban Teas are also available online along with pleanty of accessories! If you don’t see a flavor comparable to your favorite Teavana tea, let us know, and we will do our best to re-create and match your favorite blend! We may even add it to the menu.

At Urban Tea, we know that tea is about more than just flavor. Your cup of tea may be a morning ritual, a daily dose of health and healing, an afternoon pick-me-up, or a simple bliss. We want to make sure all of the amazing flavors and benefits of tea remain at your fingertips for any tea-time.